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Lure Trolling in Nilakka


Nilakka Fishing Center is situated about 100 km west from Kuopio; about 125 km from Kuopio Airport and about 135 km from Tahkovuori Ski Resort. Nilakka is one of the best-stocked and cleanest lakes in Finland. Our base is Nilakka Fishing Center, where it is possible to rent log cabins on the shores of Nilakka Lake (2 star - 4 star quality). Independent fishermen, who stay at Nilakka Fishing Center, may also rent out fishing boats with outboard motors.



This trip is suitable both for absolute beginners as well as for professional fishermen. Those taking part will be fishing with their preferred and pre-chosen Nilakka lure trolling equipment. Dining is part of the trip and takes place naturally in the open air by the water’s edge. The cleaning of the catch and guidance in the basic wilderness skills, if needed, are also part of the trip. At the same time you can enjoy the beautiful unspoilt scenery of Finnish Lakeland.


The trip organiser will prepare the required fishing tackle and equipment for each trip; obviously you can also use your own equipment. The trip organisers have all the required safety and life-saving equipment as well as liability insurance. He will also obtain the fishing permits required in the area. The catch quota consists of three predatory fish, the rest on a Catch and Release principle.


Duration: Approximately 5 - 6 hours on the lake, plus all the transfers.

Group size: 3 - 8 persons.

Everyone must bring with them the required clothing for fishing. If required and ordered beforehand, the trip organiser can reserve fishing boots, warm clothes and rain wear for you.


Transport: Bella 572 C / Honda 90 hp 4-stroke or any other boat agreed beforehand.

Covered area for five passengers.

The boats have safety and life-saving equipment for each passenger and also a navigator, echograph and a Wallas heater.


There is also an alternative / an extra boat Tracker Deep-V 17 + Honda 45 hp 4-stroke available.



- Transport using a minibus (1 + 8 persons) from Kuopio / Kuopio Airport / Tahkovuori / or from elsewhere to Nilakka Fishing Center, duration about 1 – 1 hr 30 min. - On arrival the trip organiser welcomes you and explains the schedule of the day and accommodation, if required. Durations about 15 – 30 min. - Departure for the first boat fishing trip to the southern waters of Nilakka Lake. The trip lasts about 3 hours. - Usual catch is pike, perch, pike perch, salmon trout and lake trout. - Dining in the wilderness inside a lean-to shelter beside an open fire, where we can enjoy barbequed sausages and tea / coffee + cakes. If required, we can cook the catch on the open fire for you. Dining takes about an hour. - After the dinner we will go back to the lake and, if so required, will head north from our base to the new fishing areas. Duration about 2 hours. - Return to the base, where we will deal with the catch and pack it. Summary of the day by the leader. - The transportation of participants to their original morning departure area. Duration 1 – 1 hour 30 min.



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