Tulosta sivu


Day of Fishing in Suvasvesi


Suvasvesi is located about 50 km southeast from Kuopio; about 45 km from Kuopio Airport and 60 from Tahkovuori Ski Resort.



During the trip we will be fishing in the richest and the most unique Saimaa Waterways using various fishing tackle of the season. Dining takes place the lakeshore in the open air (breakfast and lunch); the catch is cleaned and we will be enjoying the clean, beautiful and unspoilt lake scenery (Jakami Nature reserve for example). The trip is equally suitable for professional fishermen as for absolute beginners.


During the summer you have a choice of spinning, lure fishing and trolling, bottom fishing and using hook and line, nets and torch fishing. You also have an opportunity to either watch or try your luck at trawl fishing. During the winter you have a chance to watch seine fishing.


The trip organiser will have the necessary tackle and equipment in readiness for you, naturally you can also use your own equipment. The trip organiser will have all the required permits and life-saving equipment as well as liability insurance and a boatman’s licence. When necessary, he will also obtain the required fishing permits.


Duration: Approximately 6 – 6 hr 30 min on the lake, plus the necessary transportation.

Group size: 3 - 8 persons.

Each participant must have rubber boots and rain gear. If so required, the trip organiser can reserve rain gear and warm clothing for you by prior agreement.


Summer transport: Bella 572 C / Honda 90 hp 4-stroke, or another vehicle by prior agreement

Covered area for five passengers.
The boat has all the required safety and life-saving equipment on board for all the passengers and also a navigator system, an echograph and a Wallas heater.
Also available are an alternative / extra boats: Tracker Deep-V 17 and / or Honda 45 hp - 4 stroke.

Winter transport: Snowmobiles (for example Polaris, Yamaha) and a sleigh.


Cost:  The cost includes transportation, guidance, fishing tackle and equipment, breakfast, lunch, and the catch. The catch in spinning and lure trolling is limited to three fish of prey or salmon types, the rest on a Catch and Release principle.


We can also organise tailor-made programmes for you. These will be priced separately and depend on the trip organiser’s costs.



- Transportation by multipurpose vehicle, MPV, (1 + 8 persons) from Kuopio / Kuopio Airport / Tahkovuori / elsewhere (max 80 km). Duration about 1 hour.


- Arrival, welcome speech by the trip organiser, description of the day’s activities. Coffee / tea and a savoury snack. Duration about 30 min. - Departure to the first fishing trip. Fishing methods depend on the season, duration about 2 – 3 hours.


- Catch includes pike, perch, lake trout, pike perch and, if lucky, also Arctic char and lake salmon. - Dining in the open air inside a lean-to beside an open fire. Coffee / tea and cakes. Should you so wish, we can prepare and cook seasonal fish for you (vendace, perch, lake trout, lake salmon, Arctic char). Duration about 1 hour.


- After the dinner we return to the lake and, if required, change the catching method. There is also a possibility to watch net or trawl fishing depending on the season. Should you so wish, we can also take a closer look at Jakami Nature reserve and its rich and unique countryside. Duration about 2 hours.


- Return to the base, where we deal with the catch and pack it for you followed by a generous dinner. Summary of the day by the leader.


- The transportation of participants to their original morning departure area (max 80 km). Duration about 1 hour.




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