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Activities for Members of the Family


While you are fishing, we can organise other pleasant activities for members of your family, for example physical and cultural activities, shopping or even easy fishing in nearby lakes from the shore or by using boats.


In our area there are for example tennis and badminton courts, beaches, boat harbour, children’s playground, huts for barbequing and open fire areas for sausage grilling. Along the shoreline paths we have prepared small shore fishing spots. The rowing boats are free of charge for the use of our guests.


In the centre of Keitele you will find a sports ground, ice hockey rink and ski treks. Sporting equipment is available for hire from us to all our guests.


Should you so wish, we can organise an evening of ‘After Fishing’ programme at the end of your day’s fishing.


Below you will find more tips for your full enjoyment.


Please contact the reception of Nilakka Fishing Center, tel. +358 400 930 738.


Ahola House Museum


Address: Aholantie 25, 72600 Keitele, tel: +358 17 273 1761.

- Ahola house museum, which dates from the early 1800’s, is in its original location and is situated in the village of Vuonamo. In the museum you can familiarise yourself with Savo’s peasant culture and artefacts. The museum has two living rooms, two bedrooms, kitchen and a hallway in use.

- Many of the furniture and utility articles in use are those originally found and used in the house. The museum is open during the summer months Wednesday – Sunday, 12.00 – 18.00. At other times by agreement. Come and see how your forbearers lived!




- In the centre of Keitele is MASI factory outlet, Keiteleentie 7, 72600 Keitele. Tel:  +358 17 852 355.
Open Tuesday – Friday, 10.00 – 17.00, Saturdays 8.30 – 13.00. keitele.myymala@masicompany.com

- Lee Cooper- jeans, Very Nice, Sail & Ski, Tiklas, Fredriksson, Basic.

- We can organise shopping trips for example to the centre of Kuopio, to the larger shopping centres and also to Matkus Shopping Centre (IKEA).


The Highest Waterfall in Finland – Korkeakoski


- Korkeakoski is the highest free-flowing rapid found in Finland and is a popular tourist destination. It emerged after the ice age, when water found its way through a mountain crack formed over millions of years ago.

- It is located on Route 77 along the borders of Pielajavesi and Maaninka, about 40 km away. Korkeakoski gains its waters from small lakes and ends up at the steep rock face of Maaninka Lake. The height of Korkeakoski Waterfall is 36 m 40 cm.

- Korkeakoski is located on a nature conservation area, which was granted its conservation status in 1947. At present the total conservation area covers 35 ha.  The area is owned by Kuopion Luonnon Ystäväin Yhdistys (Association of Friends of Kuopio Nature) - KLYY and Maaninka rural district.
- Address: Korkeakoskentie 111, 71750 Maaninka.

- Address: Korkeakoskentie 111, 71750 MAANINKA

Löytylohi salmon reservoir is situated next to Korkeakoski. Here you can fish for stocked rainbow trout.



- Mr Erkki Manninen organises guided hare and willow grouse hunting trips in Karttula. Magnificent settings, lean-to shelter, a definite catch!

- Mr Tuomo Niskanen organises guided hare and willow grouse hunting trips in Pielajavesi, at some 10 km distance. Address: Pajatie 3, 72400 Pielajavesi, www.matkamix.fi

- Vast hunting grounds; for example a large 30m2 tepee building is available for the hunters’ use.




- Official snowmobile tracks are found on Nilakka ice areas via Lossisaari. We hire out snowmobiles with all the necessary equipment.


Slalom skiing

- The nearest slalom skiing is found in Kasurila Ski Centre in Siilinjärvi. Address: Vitonen 1920, 71800 Siilinjärvi. Tel. +358 17 461 6100, www.kasurila.com

- Other ski centres:

TAHKOVUORI, Nilsiä, Tahkolaaksontie 4 A. 73310 TAHKOVUORI, tel. +358 17 481 400, www.tahko.com, PUIJO, Kuopio, Kallantie 8. 70340 KUOPIO, info +358 44 283 2493 www.puijonrinteet.com




- Local, world renowned handmade sheath knives and cutting tools.

- www.puukkopekka.com


Bird Lakes


Hetejärvi Lake is a peaceful, well-equipped, high-quality bird lake in the wilderness far away in the Savo district and the remote borders of Western Finland.

On the lake at the beginning of May you can encounter a rich spectrum of waterfowl, such as geese, black-headed and little gull colonies, waders, cranes and birds of prey.

Perhaps the most interesting of nesting birds is the horned Slavonian grebe with about 20 pairs found annually, and also cranes. Of the birds of prey we can guarantee you will see a brown harrier and in August a Falco Subbuteo or hobby.


The best sightings: white winged black tern, gadwall, red-necked phalarope. See more on our detailed guided tour to the birdlake.



Address: Sininentie 205
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