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Bird and Wildlife Watching Trip to Lahnasjärvi Lakes

Lahnasjärvi Lakes are situated in North Keitele in the village of Sulkajärvi. It is approximately 25 km distant from Nilakka Fishing Center and of course we will organise transport from our lodgings to there. This trip is also suitable for disabled people - we have a bird watching tower just to suit their needs.


Nilakka Fishing Centre is situated about 100 km west from Kuopio; about 125 km from Kuopio Airport and about 135 km from Tahkovuori Ski Resort. Nilakka is one of the best-stocked and cleanest lakes in Finland. Our base is Nilakka Fishing Center, where it is possible to rent log cabins on the shores of Nilakka Lake (2 star - 4 star quality).


Lahnasjärvi Lakes consists of three lakes, which some time ago were drained to form shore meadows. The lakes have been renewed in the 1990’s by raising the surface of the water and by building a waterway, nesting and resting areas for migratory birds.


Many bird watching towers, where you can observe the nature, have been erected in Lahnajärvi Lake area. Roads and easily negotiable paths with added duckboards have also been built in the area. The paths meander along the shoreline alternating between bird watching towers, barbeque and lean-to areas. Along the shoreline with wild creatures in mind we have built nesting boxes and feeding areas especially for goldeneye.


Birds and wildlife:

Using your binoculars you will be able to catch the sight of dozens of bird species, such as swans, ducks, bean geese, cranes and even golden eagles. There is a wonderful experience waiting for all nature lovers - not just bird watchers.

Apart from finding rare flora, it is not impossible to spot roe deer or even see footprints of the king of the forest, the bear. In the surrounding area of Lahnajärvi there are plenty of game birds and mammals. On the lakeshore you can meet ring dove, woodcock, hazel hen and black grouse. Capercaillie lives a small distance away.

Hare, elk and roe deer favour the new forests beside Lahnasjärvi. On the edges of the fields you might also meet a brown hare. Water moles also inhabit the area. Small predatory beasts, such as ermine, mink, raccoon dog, fox, pine marten and badger, are wondering about in the area. Often an otter also visits the lakes. Red squirrel lives in the old spruce forests. Apart from a bear of the larger beasts, lynx also inhabits the area. At times you may come across the footprints of a wolverine and a wolf.


This trip is suitable both for beginners and professional nature enthusiasts. During the trip the trip leader will help you to ,become knowledgeable of flora and fauna both of Lahnajärvi and Finland, as well as how to behave in the wilderness and on the law on public right of access.


During the trip you have an opportunity to enjoy sauna and swimming at an extra cost.


If required, the trip leader will obtain the necessary footwear, clothing and other equipment for the participants. The trip organisers have the necessary liability insurance for all the trip participants.


Base and Starting point


Nilakka Fishing Center



Daily during 15.4. – 31.10 by prior arrangement.



Approximately 4 hours



The transport is by multipurpose vehicle MPV, mini bus or bus. If so required and agreed beforehand, the participants can be collected at pre-arranged places to Nilakka Fishing Center. For example the journey from Kuopio takes 1 hour 15 min, from Tahkovuori 1 hour 30 min.

Return transportation between Nilakka Fishing Center and the trip are covered in the overall cost. The collection costs are added to the price on a case by case principle.

Group size:   


 6 - 45 persons.

Each person must have the necessary seasonal clothing and footwear suitable for nature exploration. If so required and ordered beforehand, the trip organiser can obtain footwear and warm / rain gear for you.

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